Key Contacts and Employees

Meet our friendly, knowledgeable crew and staff at the City Hall. Perhaps you recognize some of us from a visit to our office or from seeing us in our trucks around town. Or, you may have run into us out and about in the community.

Ashley Slaby: City Administrator

Karen Witte: City Clerk/Treasurer

Cyndi McKernan: Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Neal Wozney: Electric Superintendent

Jeff Kulig: Lead Lineman

Garrick Harm: Lineman

Sally Turpin: Energy Services Manager

Mark Johnson: Public Works Director

Mark Dehnke: Assistant Public Works Director

Rick Paulson: Operator

Jerry Leque: Operator

Paul Laursen: Police Chief

Amber Molitor: Officer

Jeff Paske: Officer

Jeremiah Pientok: Fire Chief


City Attorney: Weld Riley, S.C.

City Assessor: Irwin Appraisal Services